Frequent Questions about My Sitting

^TOP  What time should I arrive?

We recommend that you arrive approximately 10 minutes before your appointment time. This allows you to have your clothes and props carried in and your paperwork taken care of before time for your sitting. If you have an appointment at 2:00 and you arrive late or youíre not ready, you will have less time in the camera room. If you need time to finish getting ready, please arrive early enough to be ready on time. If you are running late, you may have to eliminate one of your outfits.

^TOP  What if the weather is bad?

If itís raining or unusually windy, go ahead and bring your outfits and we will complete your indoor poses and if the weather doesnít clear up we will reschedule your outside poses. Itís easier to find time to reschedule a couple outfits than your whole sitting. If itís just cloudy or overcast, you got lucky, because the lighting is awesome!

^TOP  Can I Bring Props?

Go ahead and bring the props you would like in your photographs. That makes your poses more uniquely you! Some popular choices are: sports uniforms, awards, trophies, football, hockey stick, baseball bat, band instruments, items from your hobbies or collections, cars, motorcycles, tractors or whatever is more you.

^TOP  What if I wake up with a blemish?

Donít worry about minor blemishes. Anything that you order from will be retouched and they will be gone! If you have more severe acne, for an additional fee your poses will still be retouched. If you have a mole or scar they are not automatically retouched, because they are part of you. If you prefer to have them lightened or removed please inform us when you place your order.

^TOP  I donít know what to bring for my outfits.

Try to bring a variety of styles and colors of outfits. Itís hard to give you the best variety if you bring all tank tops or 4 black shirts. Make sure itís colors and styles that make you look your best. If youíre unsure about a couple outfits, bring them along and weíll decide when you get here. If you canít agree on outfits with your parents, try to compromise. Let them choose their favorite outfit that would be for their formal pose at home and maybe theyíll let you bring your choice for wallets for school. Bring something dressy, a little more relaxed and something more casual, depending upon what sitting you have and number of outfits allowed. Very busy patterns and stripes are not always the best choice.

Please try to have your outfits together and organized, that way it will take you less time in the dressing room and allow you more time in front of the camera! Make sure your clothes are not wrinkled; it really will show in the photograph.

^TOP  I plan to be in the sun prior to my sitting.

Try to avoid getting sunburn - red and peeling skin is not attractive in your photos. If you are a life guard itís usually best to plan your sitting before the end of summer. Often times by the end of summer your skin gets a little ďleatheryĒ.

^TOP  Can I bring my pet?

Yes. We prefer that they are house broken if they are to be inside, otherwise we can always go outside. We also request that someone comes with you to take care of the pet when not in your photo. If your pet has a special toy or treat that gets their attention at home go ahead and bring it, it could be helpful.

^TOP  What about glass glare?

Some glasses glare more than others. If you want to make sure you donít have to pay for artwork to remove the glare, check with your optometrist about borrowing frames to match your glasses to use during your sitting.

^TOP  Can I bring a friend or sibling along to be in my photographs?

Sure, bring them along. You are more than welcome to have a couple of poses with a sibling, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend or parent at no extra charge. Please try to not make your sitting into a party or family reunion. If youíre bringing someone with you, make it someone that you are relaxed and comfortable with. The wrong person or too much confusion can stress you out!

^TOP  I would like to change my hairstyle.

Quick changes are fine. If your style change is going to require additional time, please inform us when you book your sitting so we can allow adequate time or book your appointment for two different days. Please make sure you have your brushes, hair ties, hair spray or anything you will need along with you.

^TOP  Girls

Donít forget your makeup and powder for any last minute touch ups.

Bring your brush, hairspray or any hair products you might need.

Dark clothing works better for black and white photos.

Check to make sure your finger nails or toe nails are not chipped.

Please bring appropriate undergarments for your outfits.

(A red bra or underwear under your white clothes may not be the best choice.

Remember your strapless bra if clothing requires one.)

Sleeveless shirts can make your arms look larger than a shirt with sleeves.

Make sure that shirts or blouses are not lower cut than what you would choose for your photographs.

^TOP  Guys

Donít forget dark socks and appropriate shoes for your dress outfits.

Remember an appropriate colored t-shirt if you need one under your shirts or jerseys.
Donít forget to shave Ė yes the stubble does show.

Schedule your haircut to be a week ahead of your sitting so you donít have a fresh cut look.